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The facts: Big breasts attract more, according to science

In fact, there are several studies on what we are going to comment today. As for the attraction to large breasts, there are two studies that confirm what we are looking for the most.

On the one hand, a study conducted by French researchers equipped a group of women with various sizes of padded bras, and took them to different coffee shops where they sat alone. As expected, the larger the bra (and padding), the greater the number of men who approached them.

On the other hand, a New Zealand study used eye tracking technology to assess how men behaved against women with breasts of different sizes. Those who had smaller breasts attracted some men, but most of them looked at women with medium or large breasts (even many of them complained that men seemed to speak to their breasts, and not to them specific).

Obviously the companies selling bra support this hypothesis, and therefore sell many bras with padding, specifically since 1914 when the first was patented (with two cloth handkerchiefs sewn inside). Later, in 1948, the push-up was introduced, thanks to the company of Frederick Mellinger. And in 1994 Wonderbra arrived and became fashionable, refining the concept of push-up and firing sales. For its part, since 1990, the average bra size has increased by two average sizes due to breast augmentation operations (317,000 a year, compared to 100,000 reductions).

The other side of the coin: Small breasts also have their followers

Likewise, we cannot forget that there are diverse tastes, and that there are more reasons besides chest operations for this average increase in bra size: Weight gain globally. The breasts are fat, and therefore an increase in weight leads to an increase in breast size. If we think that only in the United States up to a third of the adult population is obese, including women of course, it is logical to increase bra size.

However, the catwalks of models paint us another reality, where thinness prevails and small breasts even almost non-existent. And it is not a timely fashion, because all the fashion shows in the world use this trend. In addition, the models of these catwalks end up getting married (mostly, we will not generalize) with other celebrities. And it should be added that many of the richest and / or powerful women in the world have small breasts.

It should be added that pornography and its curious data analysis show that the tastes for breasts are diverse, from a completely flat female body to large or even excessive breasts. As a curiosity, the first Playboy magazines (before the Internet) only showed girls with huge breasts, because their editor Hugh Hefner is a lover of these. But of course, this is a bias, a big bias never better said.

According to some cave paintings dated from 35,000 years ago, in what would appear to be "older video porn," the drawings that are most represented are those of women with huge hips and breasts, perhaps desirable for their better reproductive fitness, who knows. As is often said that a larger penis size leads to greater ease for pregnancy (and although we already know thanks to a large meta-analysis what is its real average size), large breasts could be searched for their best reproductive options to Feeding level of new creatures.

Let us think that at this time there was no current epidemic of obesity, food was scarce and hunger a daily threat, so that large breasts involved a fat reserve, or what is the same, caloric reserve. This would indicate better access to food, thereby increasing the probability of offspring survival.

To test this hypothesis, a group of researchers from Malaysia, whose study was published in PLoS ONE last year 2013, showed photographs of women with different breast sizes to 266 men with a socioeconomic situation that ranged from poor to rich. It turned out that poor men had a greater preference for large breasts over middle class men, who in turn were more likely to prefer large breasts compared to richer men, the latter with less need for “caloric reserve ”, Which could explain why wealthy men have a tendency to look for thinner models.

Subsequently, the researchers showed photos of women with different breast sizes to 66 English men who were hungry, and to 58 other men who had just eaten. Interestingly, men who felt hungry seemed to feel preference for large breasts, compared to satiated men.

According to the researchers, all these suggestions would lead one to think that resources play an important role in the preference for one breast size or another on the part of men.

Finally, there was a study that related male sexism and preference for one breast size or another. In this study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 361 men participated who considered that medium-sized breasts were more attractive. In turn, the researchers asked them to complete a survey regarding their feelings about women within society.

According to the results, while the more egalitarian men preferred small breasts.

As you can see, there is still a lot to know and investigate about male tastes, and also feminine ones, because things are much more complex than the mere stereotype we usually know.

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