Laura and I had been lovers for a couple of years. It was a very passionate relationship and full of love, but it came to an end because of the limitations we had. That was 15 years ago.

I moved from country at this time. But we kept an open contact through email and some phone calls.

For work reasons, I started traveling to where Laura lives. One day I told him I was going to be in the city and it would be good to see us. She works intensely so the best was a dinner. She asked me if I was alone and if I could stay better to sleep with me in the hotel so as not to move around so much.

The night before the agreement, my surprise was to find her in the lobby of the hotel when I arrived. I had not seen him for a long time, just a couple of photos. His smile disarmed me. He got up and we hugged.

What are you doing here? I asked him and he said he wanted to see me and recognize the place. He had to leave soon. We talked for a few moments and accompanied her to take a taxi outside.

The agreed night arrived. She arrived a little late and I went downstairs to go to the room. He left his belongings and we embraced. Just a cheek kiss. He went to the bathroom room and then went down to dinner.

We chatted for a long time while we ate and drank a glass of wine. It was a very nice night. We got acquainted with our lives. She was still alone, but happy, she said.

Shortly before going up I told him we had a "problem" to discuss. I told him that I usually sleep without clothes and that therefore I do not pack pajamas. I asked her how she wanted to handle that, if she preferred that I go to bed while she was in the bathroom. And he simply told me "nothing, we do not do anything, you live like you would have done without me"

That filled me with excitement. I have always had an exhibitionist side.

Laura likes to shower at night before going to sleep. He took his things and went into the bathroom. I decided to put myself in balls. My heart was racing with excitement. Not know what to do. I tried to sit on the bed with my legs spread to show him "my treasures", I sat on the futon that was there. Finally I decided to lie on the bed, watching TV. I let my cock fall between my thighs to not be so obvious.

When Laura came out of the bathroom she looked at me as if nothing was happening. He came with a light blue tights that made his camel leg form, delicious. I could see his crack in the middle. And a top shirt.

I was somewhat insecure and sat up a bit, turning my body outwards. My penis fell in front of my thigh. It dripped, which made me feel uncomfortable. Whenever I could, I wiped that liquid with my fingers.

I got up to go to the bathroom and upon returning Laura was sitting on the bed. I walked towards her and I could see that she was not looking to look at my package, but my eyes. We smile. I stood a little less than a meter away from her. His face was up to my package. And there was a moment when he looked down to see it, but did not say anything. She leaned back now as I was and I lay on my side in front of her, across the bed to talk. My "treasures" were in full view of her.

After a while, we went to bed. Everyone in their place. And we turn off the light. I decided to approach her. I put my hand on his belly. And then she put her hand on mine. A few minutes later I said "Good Night" and planted a very light kiss on his lips. I asked him to stand on his side and I hit myself behind him, like the spoon position. I caressed his arm, then a little bit his belly on his shirt. Then I lowered something innocently on his thigh. And I got to caress her buttock lightly. They felt as firm as I remembered them. She does a lot of exercise.

By then I felt from her breathing that she was falling asleep. I clung to her body and hugged her. She put her hand back on mine and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I went back to her. First I got "spoon" behind her and caressed her arm again, her belly. I crossed my arm over her breasts and I could feel them. They are small, a cup A. In a moment, I lowered my hand to his belly and I could touch them. I liked feeling how soft they are.

My penis was getting hard and I stuck it to his body, but without pushing too hard. But enough for her to know how she was standing.

I turned around and asked him if he could get behind me, as I had. Did. I brought her hand to my chest and asked if she could caress me. Laura did not seem to want to expose herself to touch me anymore and I respected her.

At the time, I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back she was still in bed. I approached slowly. I showed him my package in all its splendor, since it was almost at the height of his field of vision. I stood at the edge of the bed. My penis was about 35 inches from his face. I was half stopped. Engordado and something raised. We talked. And I decided to take a shower.

When I left, I did it again. She had dressed. So I proceeded to get dressed and went to breakfast.

That night we went back to sleep together. We dined remembering old times. It was time to go up to the room. We still talked a moment before Laura told me she was going to take a shower. It took him some time to fix his things, to have everything at hand before entering the bathroom.

Meanwhile, I undressed and searched where to position myself so that I could see the package as clearly as possible. I was listening to his activity and when I thought he was about to leave I sat on the edge of the bed, directly in front of the bathroom door. So, when he left, he found me face to face with the whole view. My penis hung well relaxed. I could see that his eyes were an instant to see me and came back.

This time Laura wore only a long shirt that came about 10 to 15 cm below the crotch. Uhmm, I told myself.

I told him that now I would go to the bathroom and I did. When leaving a few minutes later, she was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed in front of her. He had dropped his shirt to hide his pubis.

Originally I sat in front of her with my legs bent, clearly showing my penis and so on. So we talk. Then I leaned in front of her with what showed her everything. Soon she moved and incorporated. He did not try to cover himself and if I had looked directly he would, I think, have been able to see his pubic hair. Worse I did not.

"Let's go to sleep," he told me and got up. He did it without much modesty, so I could see the dark spot of his hair between his legs.

We went to bed and I stood beside him, even with the light on. She was on her back and I put my hand on her belly. I caressed her softly like the night before. I took his hand and put it on my chest. "You still do not want to touch me?" asked. And she said yes, but I had to understand that she needed time to recover that intimacy. But he left his mom there a good time.

When we turned off the light, we turned around and placed myself behind her, leaving my hand on her belly. I caressed her and lowered my hand to caress her thighs. Thighs strong and firm. I climbed up his thigh to his buttock that I gently caressed. She did not resist. I caressed her rounding her contour and I felt the hair on her crotch rub against me as she passed through the center of her buttock.

Then I raised my hand for his belly left from the shirt. I went closer to her breasts. There was no resistance. I passed my hand over one. And I was surprised again how soft they are. They practically melted in my hand. I went down to the other one. I played with them for a moment and searched the nipples with my fingers. When they touched them, they stopped immediately. I kissed his neck.

My cock was already stopped and I approached it to his body. As I felt that Laura could fall asleep soon, I placed my cock between her buttocks, in that delicious valley. She did not put up any resistance. But I did not want to abuse, so I did not rub against her.

And she fell asleep while my hand rested on her soft, warm breasts.

In the morning we woke up. I had her standing and I let her feel in her leg, because Laura was face up. After a little while, I caressed her again. I did it on his belly and little by little I went down until my hand brushed his hair. Rich. After a while, I went back to his hair. This time I left it under the palm of my hand and stroked it gently. I went up to her breasts and enjoyed them. I made her nipples stop and then I went down to her Mount of Venus again. She kept her legs closed and I tried to put my fingers towards her pussy, but she did not loose her legs. I dedicated myself to playing with his hair.

When she said she was going to get up, I pushed the sheets away and I could see her naked from just under her breasts. There was that delicious hair. Laura had the natural and has it firm, but not very long, although it does cover a good surface. I leaned over and kissed him several times.

She got up and went to shower. He went out for a while in thong and bra. And he said "How do you see what I'm wearing for you?" He did it by turning in front of me and I took advantage to pull it to me. I was still naked and took the opportunity to caress those so rich buttocks.

When we were dressed, we went to breakfast and I asked her if it bothered her to touch and caress her. He told me no, "I really enjoy feeling your hands touch me and your body so close" But he insisted that he needed time to open up more.

Then we said goodbye. I went two days to another city. On my return we would meet again. I told the hotel to let him enter the room, because he would arrive before me.

He found me in the room. I told him we would go to a restaurant a short distance away. There we dined very well with a rich Merlot. As I walked back, there was a moment that stopped and she kissed me softly on the mouth. I was surprised and asked why he was doing it. And he told me "for this" and gave me an incredible kiss at that moment. Our languages ​​were linked deliciously. It excited me a lot.

Anyway, we got to the room, we kissed again, but softly and she told me that she would go to shower. When it came out I was waiting for her reclining on the bed. He came out with the same shirt. "Turn off the TV" he said. "I want you to turn upside down" I did and she put her mouth to my head. "I wanted you to touch you, right?" "Well, I'm going to make you a massage" and started giving me a very soft massage on my shoulders. Then the head. I felt his hands warm on my skin. He went down my back, stroked my buttocks a little and followed the legs. Then he climbed on top of me. I could feel his hair when he sat on my back, at hip height. And he began to massage my shoulders. It was a delight to feel her hair brushing my skin. I got excited.

"Flip" And I did it with her up. He just got up a little. Then, without sitting, he approached and began to caress my head, then my face. And he leaned on me. His mouth was next to my ear and he said "Is this how you wanted me to touch you?" and I said yes, of course, that this was more than I thought. I hugged her but she rejoined and continued to massage my chest. Then he sat on my belly. My penis brushed his body. But the best thing was to feel the humidity of his pussy when sitting on me. It was not just the hair, it was the humidity.

He moved back and "fell" on my cock, which was already quite stopped. He stopped and looked at me with great affection. He took my hands. And then I asked him to take off his shirt. He did not do it immediately. He hesitated a bit and finally pulled it out letting me see his soft bubis. As I said, they are some A but excellently formed. Your nipples are darker than you would expect.

I brought my hands to her thighs and caressed them. I got up a little to touch their bubis. Delicious, they almost melt in my hands from how soft they are.

To my surprise, she got up a little and put her hand between her legs and looked for my cock. He took it and positioned himself to stab it, which he did by lowering slowly on it while making sure that his lips opened. He put it all and looked for me with his eyes. He made the gesture of silence. And he stayed there, enjoying having her inside. And I also have it skewered.

He leaned back on me and whispered in my ear. "Let's stay like this, without moving." I felt the warmth of his body. And I could not help but hug her and walk her back with my hands. Then I went down to her buttocks and finally I searched where my cock was nailing her. I went through her anus and brushed it lightly before hugging her again.

At that moment we kissed with as much or more passion than in the return of the restaurant. Our tongues were touched, chased and our saliva became one.

I remembered that she takes a long time to reach orgasm. I was not surprised that she immediately looked for her clitoris and started masturbating. It made it delicious. I saw his hand moving wisely and his face in a state of pleasure.

A few minutes after seeing her do this, I could not resist and I came inside her. "I come," I said and she got her rhythm a little faster. But it still took another 5 minutes to reach orgasm. My cock had left her in the meantime.

When finished, Laura fell on me. "Do not get up," he told me. And we fell asleep like that.

The morning after we woke up and I could feel how all my pubic hair was impregnated with our liquids. I hugged her and kissed her good morning.

Then I looked for his coat and I also felt how it was impregnated. "We are full of us," I said. A couple of minutes later he told me. "Let's do something about that" and he moved to put himself in a perfect 69 position and started licking everything. I did the same. I could feel the flavors of her and mine in all that. While my cock stopped inside his mouth, I sucked everything I could. Laura got wet quickly.

I got out from under her and I got behind Laura penetrating her "doggie". I let myself be taken passionately. And we could both get together almost at the same time.

That was the last time I saw her. I'm waiting to return to your city to follow this story.

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