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    Anal sex has long been a no-go for columnist Mascha. But now she wants to know it again and has asked three anal sex fans: How do you prepare, which positions are great - and how do you relax the damn sphincter? Anal sex and I - let's say it's complicated. Maybe it's a bit like my care horse back then: it accidentally ran into the electric fence, it hurt, after that it was afraid and became restless when it saw the evil fence from a distance. My first experience with anal sex was similar: my first friend and I had standing sex, he slipped or got out of me, but was still in full swing and accidentally rammed his cock into my butt in the next movement. My legs almost sank in pain - and I was served. And even later attempts to gain something from the topic of anal sex failed due to my cramp and the impatience of the male participant. But: I have not yet ticked off the topic. That would be a shame. And that's why asked three people who are either already real full-time professionals or who have just discovered their desire for pop sex. A woman and two men, one preferred bottom, the other preferred top - after all, the active part must also have a say. Anal sex: tips from the active partTimo *, 32: “I have sex with men and I'm usually top, so the active part. Basically, it is important for good anal sex that both sides can relax - but above all, of course, the bottom part. If the sphincter is tense, it will hurt. There are a few guys who want you to get their cock penetrated right away. I don't know how they do it. But generally only very few immediately open both gullwing doors and call "walk in". Taking time is important. And I always try to create a pleasant atmosphere even with men I only meet for sex. I think rimming is great as a prelude. Because if you lick your partner's ass, you quickly notice when the muscles relax, and everything gets nice and humid. Feeling carefully with your finger is also possible, but not everyone likes that. Here is also a crucial moment: Most guys are prepared accordingly, but it can also happen that you suddenly have suspicious brown traces under your fingernail - then there is obviously still a need for action at the bottom. Because a poop spectacle is rather special interest. And then you just say "you, here is a towel, maybe go to the toilet again, no hurry." That rarely happens, but it is possible. Communication and basic trust are all the more important, because such a situation can of course be very uncomfortable. When both are ready, most like to take it easy, want to get started in porn steam engine fashion - or can - few do. It is usually most trustful when the passive part sits on me. Then he can determine the pace and intensity with his body movement. Gradually you can get to the point more quickly if everything goes well. And: Sometimes spit is enough, but mostly I use lubricant, in addition to the condom - this is of course always required for anal sex with men whose status I do not know. Anal expertise from a bottom manMarco *, 31: I am versatile, sometimes top, sometimes bottom, but at the moment I prefer bottom. If I know I want to have anal sex, I like to use a butt plug an hour or two beforehand. Then everything is stretched nicely, that definitely makes a difference. Preparation is great, but sometimes you want to have anal sex spontaneously. Then the atmosphere and my own mood is decisive. Whether at home or in the club, I have to feel good, have a certain trust in the other man - and of course the degree of my own lust is also decisive. If you feel that it does not feel good and you are tense, you should leave it. Then it won't be fun. As for the position: some bottoms like to sit on the partner at the beginning, but I don't find that ideal. If you squat more or less on the other, you are in control, but you also have to put a lot of effort into your legs. I find it comfortable to lie on your stomach, then you can fully relax your muscles. I also love the classic doggy position. Then it is important to clearly communicate to the partner that he should start slowly. Anyway, talking to each other is a good idea to avoid misunderstandings and therefore pain. " Anal sex tips from a woman who learned to love itLavinia *, 36: “Up to the age of 35 I had no fun with anal sex and also no partners who knew how to make it a nice experience. Now I've become a real fan. On the subject of preparation: If you know you want to have anal sex, you can of course prepare yourself and, above all, go to the toilet beforehand. But actually I think it's good when it happens spontaneously during sex. In my opinion, it is important how the partner deals, then it doesn't really matter how well prepared you are. In the course of foreplay or during vaginal sex, the woman usually becomes so moist that the man can start massaging the anus with a damp finger. Ideally with the middle finger, because it can penetrate particularly deep later, while the thumb and index finger can stimulate the clitoris in parallel. It is important to massage the anus with your finger until the sphincter has got used to the feeling and gradually loosens itself. Then the finger can slowly penetrate, and once it is in, it can usually go deeper without any problems. Because the touch deep inside creates even more pleasure. At some point it will be the turn of the penis. As for the position: In my opinion, doggy style, i.e. on your knees, is more for professionals. I can't relax my abdomen. I prefer to lie on my stomach and the man is above me and slowly pushes the penis into my buttocks. I also like the spoon position. If you have strength in your legs, you can also squat on the man. Then the tail can penetrate very deeply and at the same time as a woman you have control over the movements. Basically: trust and a lot of time is essential, especially for beginners of anal sex. And another important note, which men in particular often do not have on the screen: Never use the same finger in the anal area and on the vagina, because the intestinal bacteria can promote infections or cystitis. So always strictly separate: one hand or one finger only for the buttocks, the other fingers for the vagina. " Anal sex: some differences, many similaritiesYou can tell from the experiences of these clever people: Of course, the needs and preferences of anal sex are also individual. But there are also similarities that can be hung over the bed as golden rules. A basic trust is important, also with sex acquaintances, just like communication and with a pinch of humor - because such an ass is a special part of the body. And, it sounds like it all: time. Just get in and out quickly, that obviously only works in the rarest of cases and with said "double doors" full professionals. Nothing works with pressure, I know that from my own experience. A friend's sentence, with whom I also recently spoke about anal sex, sums it up nicely: every asshole needs time to relax. And hey, of course anal sex is always a matter of taste. Some just don't like it when someone or something walks in through the back door, whether it's slipping well or not. So relax. Either way. Good thing I asked about it.

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    At some point we have come to consider the fact that it would be good to include a sexual encounter as part of the plot (unless we are writers of pornography or eroticism, in that case the moment does not matter, your reader only wants sex!). If we risk writing a sex scene we must keep in mind that it is not easy. In Nigeria, Lagos we must be strict and follow the sex habbits. I have tried it without much success, because it is clear to leagues my lack of experience on the matter (not lack of experience in sex, ahem!). The subject is very complex and difficult, even for award-winning writers. If you don't believe it, take a look at the list of writers that appear in the Prize for Bad Sex in Fiction. First of all, it is important to feel comfortable writing a real sex scene. If not, let's not take risks, the reader will share our discomfort and awaken the wrong feelings. If for some reason (religious, ethical, political, etc.) we are not born to write on the subject, let us stop. As a solution we can resort to that strategy that television gives us and that consists of cutting just when the situation begins to become hot to restart after intercourse (do not know what intercourse is?) Or the next morning, with the sun coming in out the window and the dogs lying on the carpet, with obvious signs of psychological trauma. In this way we present the matter without compromising our moral integrity. I suppose the cause of discomfort is the fear of exposing some aspects of our life that are personal and giving the reader an idea (which includes family and close friends) about what we think of sex. Another situation that prevents the correct writing of a scene of this caliber is that it will be impossible to do it if we have not experimented. It does not mean that if we are virgins we will not be able to write it, it will simply be difficult, considering that a part of literary creativity and inspiration come from previous experience. If this happens, do not worry, do a proper research (there are books and videos that can help) or dare to take the first step with a trusted friend, or pay for it (skip these last tips). If we have decided to write about sex and we feel comfortable, we must know how to choose the characters (yes, the characters. There must be at least two. Otherwise it would be a masturbation scene and I don't think we want to write about it). Choosing the characters is very important, since people have sex in different ways: a couple of young people who will lose their virginity will have a different sexual relationship than a couple who have been monotonous for forty years of marriage and who have reconciliation sex, or of a sex addict who pays a prostitute to satiate her desire. The physical process may be the same in all three cases, but the motivations and experiences may be different. Next we must keep in mind if the scene fits the genre we are writing. As I said in the heading, if we write pornography anything goes: the characters will be able to do it in the elevator, in the office, in the janitor's room and even in an amusement park. Our readers will not object, as they will be anxiously awaiting those moments. Otherwise it happens with other genres, in which we will not be able to include scenes everywhere. For example, if our setting is a zombie novel in which the characters are fleeing, we will have few opportunities for a sexual relationship (few opportunities, I'm not saying that impossible, after all, our creativity has no limits). Finally, and before dealing with the subject in depth, we must bear in mind not to focus too much on how realistic the moment can be, since it is proven that those who read this type of book look for something different from what they might find in their daily lives (or perhaps pornography, for those who consume it, is one hundred percent realistic). However, let's also not take things to the extreme of anatomically impossible sex. Use of words My recommendation is to avoid excessive use of purple and beige prose. Purple prose consists of the makeup of writing. The author uses flowery language. Sometimes this type of decoration may not please the reader due to the use of sparkling, elaborate and to some extent puzzling adjectives. He'll think twice before continuing through pages and pages of slow, mundane, and violet descriptions. Example of purple prose: her throbbing manhood plunged into the velvet of my overflowing anxiety, to be possessed by her dominating gallantry. Nor is it convenient to go to the other extreme with beige prose: few descriptions, simple sentences and absence of rhetorical figures. His penis was inserted into her vagina. Proper documentation, the type of story, the style, the tone, our knowledge of vocabulary, genre and the time in which the events take place will lead us to the use of precise terms. Anatomy and physiologyWe must acquire a practical knowledge of human anatomy. If we describe anatomically impossible sex we will be ridiculed, even in front of a school boy. Let's investigate. But let's not dig into pornographic movies and magazines! This kind of fun won't make you a better writer! Go to the public library (yes, ask the librarian to see what his face looks like) or search serious internet pages. Remember, you are not looking for inspiration, you are knowing the human body, its names, functions and how they interact with each other at the time of intercourse. The toneTo find out what the literary tone is, you can go through this entry. Sex sells, it's true, but the reader identifies when we introduce a sex scene from scratch, just to get aroused or look interesting. The scene must be the result of a series of organic situations and emotions, with a coherent and rational explanation of why these people decided, at that time and place in history, to do so. As for the tone, it should not be too lewd if that is not the objective of the story, or if the audience it is intended for is not the adult consumer of eroticism. We must be careful not to appear perverted in front of the computer and not take things to the limit of the unpleasant, because despite what we believe, there are still too many taboos in society regarding this issue. Nor should we go to the opposite extreme by demonstrating a censorship morality, which prohibits any attempt at sexuality and expressing our ideology regarding sex (unless the book deals with such an aspect), especially when we address other topics such as death and explicit violence without hesitation . My advice is to research, be clear about the audience we want to reach, and let the reader know before you buy our book. Children's literature, adolescent literature, housewives, straight male, gay, basement perverts? Less is more, more is not betterIf we avoid so much technical detail, we will surely be better served, however paradoxical it may be. Here's a sex scene in which, with too few words, too much is accomplished. The function of a sex scene, rather than showing something that we already know, is to achieve some kind of development in the thoughts and emotions of the characters. Again, the opposite occurs if we write pornography, in which more is better, because the more details are described, the more emotions we arouse in the reader. In that case our function is to use the best weapons and stimulate the five senses. Smells, flavors, moans, caresses and positions play a determining role in extreme erotic writing. One last tip. It is necessary to avoid the repetitive words that can appear when we describe actions, since as sex is a physical action, the emphasis is on what is happening beyond what is being thought. Less is even more, much is not betterAlthough sex sells and is a pleasant experience, repeating it over and over in reading may not be. It is even boring. Those of us who practice sex regularly (presumptuous) know that it rarely varies, because if a specific position is the one that excites us to orgasm, we will always seek to do it and avoid changing. Imagine, pages and pages of describing the position of the puppy. Tired, right? Also, being honest, penises and vaginas, at first glance, are not very beautiful organs. There are talented writers capable of making each sexual encounter unique, unrepeatable and uninspiring, but they are experts. We are not, so let's not risk it. Less is more: let's vary the tones, places, motivations and focus of the characters. If we can do it, we will have succeeded. Characterization of the charactersThe sex scene can be quite a useful tool to delve into the characters in our story. Through nudity we can show some parts of the body that went unnoticed and that may end up shaping the character. For example, an intriguing tattoo on a buttock, pirsin, or scar can be the starting point for a secret story. It also helps us to know how the characters react when they are stimulated, beaten or violated. How is your behavior when you are in bed? Same? Does it change? Does that quiet and shy girl like masochism? Is that vulgar, aggressive young man quite a delicate gentleman in bed? They have it to order. Readers can be pleasantly surprised by a scene in which that disgusting being in history becomes a spectacular lover. Everything is in creativity. Where to do it?Anywhere. When I say anywhere, it is anywhere. However, taking into account the culture and norms of public behavior, it is preferable to do it in the privacy of the home (unless we are talking about exhibitionism), an isolated place or at least behind closed doors. The bedroom is the most used, but anywhere in the house is feasible, from the shower to the stairs (I continue presumptuous). Two people on a trip would have sex in the back seat or in the driver's seat, perhaps in a motel, although this would do well for lovers. Two office mates would do it behind closed doors on the desk, if they like the risk. Here comes our ability to describe the space and the environment. Create an atmosphere of danger (for lovers who use a disco bathroom), of romance (for first-time boyfriends or husbands), of lust (for adventurers who cannot resist temptation). Although a trained writer can turn the quickie in the bathroom into a romantic and unforgettable moment The ugly we do tooImportantly, not only the perfect-looking, sculpted bodies of the main characters should have sex. This has been sold to us by television. Any character in your story, regardless of their physique, marital status or situation, can be included in this theme. After all, all of us feel sexual desire. It is obvious that some will have fewer opportunities to find a partner or be accepted or will not awaken any feelings about their defects. Keep in mind that certain physical limitations can prevent a character from having normal sex. It doesn't matter, let's not be exclusive and add realism to the story. Finally, it goes without saying that there must be nudity, or at least something. If we do not feel comfortable describing a naked body, we desist from doing so. Ugh, how long was this entry. I remind you that my novel Héroes de cajón is now on sale. Although there is no sex, you will find humor, black characters (what a surprise!), Female protagonist (I dared in the first person) and superheroes. If you have already read it, I appreciate any comment on Amazon or Goodreads. And congratulations on a review. Kisses, hugs and lots of sex, spoiled and such.

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    Obo. Eto ara eniyan Jiini ti arabinrin. O jẹ ọkan ninu awọn ohun diẹ diẹ ti o wa ninu igbesi aye ti o daabobo aifọkanbalẹ gbogbo agbaye ti awọn eniyan. Orukọ rẹ jẹ ainidi ninu aṣa rẹ. Ilopọ Ibalopo? Ṣabẹwo si Diẹ ninu awọn ka o bi mimọ grail ti gbogbo akọ-abo. Diẹ ninu awọn wa ododo rẹ fun gbogbo igbesi aye wọn. Awọn miiran pe o ni cube ti igbesi aye. O jẹ oju eefin ajo nipasẹ igbesi aye tuntun ni ibimọ. Ami ti o ni agbara pupọ ati agbara. O jẹ ami apẹrẹ anatomical fun awọn obinrin kọja agbaye. Lẹwa, ohun ijinlẹ, idunnu ati pe. Ọpọlọpọ awọn nkan ti obo jẹ. Ṣugbọn ki a maṣe gbagbe, jẹ ki a leti ara wa, ọpọlọpọ awọn nkan diẹ sii ti obo jẹ KO: 1. BẸẸNI ZIPLOC kanAimọ-1A nitorina a ṣe alaye ni ibamu nipasẹ ofin kẹta ti Newton ti išipopada, ohun ti o ga gbọdọ sọkalẹ. Laisi, awọn obo ko ni alayokuro lati awọn ofin ti fisiksi ati walẹ ati nigbati nkan kan (bii omiran) ti wa ni shot soke sinu ọkan, o yoo… bajẹ… o n ba mi lulẹ. Obo ko ni ibiti o jọra, apo idalẹnu bii idaru, ati pe kii yoo ni idaduro awọn fifa tabi awọn ohun-ara rẹ fun ọ lati sọ ni akoko isinmi rẹ. Nitorinaa ti o ba ni lati ṣafihan eyikeyi awọn olomi si obo ẹnikẹni, jẹ setan lati wo pẹlu awọn drippings ki o gbero ni ibamu. Kii ṣe ojuse isọdọmọ ti ẹlomiran lati sọ di mimọ idojukọ rẹ ti ibi. Ja gba ẹran ara ati ki o ran jade. 2. AGBARA TITUN Nigbati o ba n yika ipilẹ keji ati ṣiṣe ọna rẹ si ẹkẹta, o le ni idanwo lati gbongbo inu agbegbe obo laisi awọn ika ọwọ rẹ. Eyi jẹ ero ti ko dara. Atọka Afowoyi le lero nla, ati pe a ti fihan ni ọna ti o dara julọ lati wọle si iranran G-ailorukọ. Ṣugbọn ti o ba wọ inu gbona pẹlu awọn ọwọ ọwọ, bi iwọ ba n walẹ fun iyipada miiran lati jabọ ni ibi iduro ọkọ ayọkẹlẹ kan, o le fa ibajẹ ẹnikan ti o le pupọ ati boya paapaa ṣe wọn lara. Ti o ba fẹ ṣe apẹrẹ fifẹ ẹnikan lati inu, rii daju pe o gbe ẹsun rẹ si isalẹ lati rirọ eti yika, bẹrẹ lọra ki o jẹ onirẹlẹ! Kọ ẹkọ ti anatomi, beere ohun ti wọn fẹ, ki o ranti ... eyi kii ṣe nkan ti emi ati pe iwọ ko walẹ fun goolu.   3. ỌJỌ-ỌJỌ-ỌJỌ-ỌJỌBiotilẹjẹpe o le dabi igbadun ati imọran kinky lati fi kukumba, karọọti, tabi ẹsẹ Tọki sinu obo rẹ, jọwọ maṣe. Obo wa ni ododo ẹlẹgẹ. O ṣe ile microbiota ti o ni imọlara ti o ṣe ilana ṣiṣe mimọ ati iṣẹ ṣiṣe. Eyikeyi ohun ajeji ti a ṣe afihan si obo le ba idalẹjọ kemistri rẹ le jabọ ki o si sọ iwontunwonsi pH ti iseda, yori si awọn akoran ati gbogbo akoko ni ayika buburu fun ẹnikẹni ti o kanpa. Nitorinaa ti o ba n ronu lati di freaky pẹlu ounjẹ, ranti pe obo jẹ ounjẹ ti o pọn, ati pe yoo jasi ko ni fi inu rere si awọn ohun ajeji ti o fi sii.   4. A FLESHLIGHT Ranti, gbogbo obo ni igbe laaye, mimi, eniyan rilara ti o so mọ. Ko si tẹlẹ nikan fun idunnu rẹ ati ilaluja. Nigbati o ba sunmọ obo, rii daju pe a mọ awọn iṣe rẹ ati gba si. Ati pe ti o ba fẹ obo lati fesi pẹlu didara, rii daju lati san ifojusi si awọn iwulo (ati awọn agbegbe erogenous miiran) ti ẹni ti o so mọ. Boya o yẹ ki o fun obo diẹ ninu aaye 'digba o ti lo nigbakan sọrọ si ọpọlọ, ẹnu ẹnu, ati boya paapaa caressing awọ ara ti obinrin ti o so mọ. Ti eyi ba dabi pe iṣẹ pupọ fun ọ, Awọn ifa-ara ni awọn ẹbun # 1 ti o n ta ohun isere akọ ti akọ. Gba ọkan!   5. AGBARA CARBON O ṣee ṣe ki o ni imọran ohun ti obo pipe dabi si ọ. Da lori awọn iwadii ere onihoho ti o gbajumo julọ, Mo n ṣe amoro kekere, Pink, irun ori ati ni ọrinrin. Nibẹ ni o wa ninu obo ni agbaye ti o dabi eyi. Bibẹẹkọ, gẹgẹ bi awọn ohun elo ikọwe, vaginas jẹ ajọbi ara ti o yatọ ati pe wọn wa ni gbogbo awọn apẹrẹ, titobi, awọn awọ ati awọn ilana. Diẹ ninu awọn obo wa ni kukuru, diẹ ninu wọn gbooro ju awọn miiran lọ, diẹ ninu wọn ni awọn tiika nla ati diẹ ninu Ni afikun si iyatọ ninu irisi, obo tun ni awọn idahun oriṣiriṣi si awọn oriṣiriṣi oriṣiriṣi ti iwuri. Obinrin kan, fun apẹẹrẹ, le fẹ ra ti onirọrun ahọn kan tabi ironu rirọ ti ojiji ti a fi omi ṣan bii Je Joue Mimi. Lakoko ti omiiran le nilo awọn ohun elo gbigbọn agbara ti o lagbara sii bi ti Magic Wand, tabi ailorukọ yiyi ti Zumio. Nitorinaa gbọ ki o tẹtisi fun awọn ọrọ ẹnu rẹ nigbati o ba n bọ ninu awọn idinku rẹ. Gbogbo obo jẹ alailẹgbẹ ati pataki ati pe o yẹ ki o ṣe itọju bi iru. Ti o ba ṣẹlẹ lati ba pade obo ti o jẹ ohun ti ko dun si ọ… gba lori rẹ! Gbekele mi, ọpọlọpọ awọn ọkunrin yoo wa nibẹ ti ko ni lokan ati pe yoo ni idunnu pupọ ju lati gba aye rẹ.   6. IDAGBASO KAN TI O NI IBI TI MO LE NI OJO 1991 Ko si iye ti ibalopo ti o le na isan arabinrin rẹ ti o jẹ ki o ṣe nkan rẹ. Awọn arosọ ti looseness ti abẹ ti jẹ fodder fun slut-shaming ati idinku ti awọn obinrin fun awọn ọdun. Awọn waistband lori rẹ sweatpants le ko ti ṣetọju awọn oniwe-agbara, ṣugbọn awọn resilience ti obo elasticity trumps agbara ti awọn sokoto rẹ lai kan akun. O ko ni aṣiṣe ninu mi, obo le na fun igba diẹ lati gba awọn nkan bi akọ tabi abo nkan isere ti ibalopo tabi .. Emi ko mọ .. Ọmọ ỌBỌ kan. Ṣugbọn o wa ni awọn folda ati awọn folda ti awọn eepo rirọ ati (pẹlu awọn imukuro diẹ) yoo nigbagbogbo di ofo pada si tito atilẹba rẹ. Akọsilẹ ẹgbẹ, awọn arabinrin: ti o ba ni fiyesi tootọ nipa iṣotitọ ti ilẹ ibadi rẹ, ṣe igbasilẹ Kegel Camp ati ki o gba adaṣe isan rẹ lori!   Nitorina nibẹ o ni o! Laarin gbogbo awọn ohun ti obo kii ṣe, Mo ro pe ohun kan wa ti gbogbo wa le gba pe o dajudaju… jẹ iyalẹnu. Lọ jade sibẹ ki o tọju itọju ẹtọ!

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