The Securities Agent

When things do not turn out as planned

The same afternoon that Jane and Terese had met to discuss how they would plan their 'ménage a trois' with Leonid, three men did it in an apartment far from the center of Manhattan, but they, for a less sexual affair: they had to analyze the last events that had them in suspense.Sitting in the apartment, the embassy's charge of business, he read Gerardo Cabrera, the intelligence agent, and Manuel Vial, the lawyer in charge of the investments, the last email he had received from the General. The lawyer's position while reading the email was that of a defendant before a court that is about to issue his sentence. He knew, more than intuited, that the person in charge of executing the verdict was in the same room.In that email, which had been decrypted by the intelligence agent that same night, the General reported clearly and in detail, why the acquisition of external debt securities, should be made within a period no longer than 20 days. The country's congress, over which it had no control at the moment, was about to pass a law that would allow the state to renegotiate the debts it had with different international banks, which would cause the banks to get rid of the old securities of external debt, making their negotiation to purchase them, go down the drain."We are on August 26, so we only have 15 days left, and we're screwed if we can not get the transaction with the securities agency to take place before September 11!" Exclaimed the obese man, passing a handkerchief over his forehead pearled with perspiration.

"I think there is something even more serious" Said in a tight voice, the lawyer.The obese man and the intelligence agent, almost simultaneously asked "And what is it?""I got information from certain spheres of government, which are investigating all the transactions made in the last 10 years, to find who is behind them." The General made 5 purchases in recent years that reach 100 billion dollars. ""Shit!" The obese man exclaimed."And what's worse, I think that the girl who works in the securities agency, has already been contacted by government entities, and I have my serious suspicions that the papers that the girl received could have been photocopied and already in hands of those authorities. " Added the intelligence agent.The two who listened, were left with their mouths open, unable to believe what they heard.The first to react was the obese man, asking: "And what makes you think like that?"Gerardo Cabrera proceeded to give them a summary version of what he had researched in recent days; how he had followed the girl and how he had found out that in the building she had entered with someone else, it was a business facade. He had confirmed it, since when trying to investigate the patent of the van in which she had arrived there, and that he had written down, it turned out not to be in the official registers, which clearly demonstrated that it was a vehicle belonging to government, which for security reasons, were removed from those records.

"I tried to convince Terese Bellardo, the executive of the securities agency, to see the possibility of expediting the negotiation, but she hit me with the door in her face." Vial lawyer said in a voice."When will you meet with her to know about the progress of the negotiation?" The intelligence agent asked the lawyer."Tomorrow I must go to his office, to complete certain documents, the rest is waiting for the answer from Banco Boston" answered the lawyer."I'll go with you, I'll see you there at 9:00 AM" the agent simply said.The meeting was over, and both the lawyer and the agent said goodbye to the obese man and left the apartment.

Terese and Leonel, after having made love, lay naked on the bed resting. Both had their hands taken. Suddenly they heard a voice:"I see they started the party without me, I can not believe it"It was Jane they had not heard in the bedroom, since without shoes and on the carpet, it was impossible that they had heard her. Now she was standing next to the bed, and she had started to make a strip tease in front of them, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, to continue with her jeans, which fell sliding down her hips to her feet. Then she unbuckled her bra, which she also dropped to the carpet; her big firm breasts did not fall an inch, showing her hard nipples like pencils. After taking the edges of his little red pants, the low by his legs and before Leonel made a move, crawled on the bed and climbed on the body of this."I see that at least someone is happy to see me" Said the little blonde, who with her belly had crushed all of Leonid's erection, when he climbed on her body.

Sure enough, Terese had seen how Leonid's member had begun to wobbly wobble, as soon as the blonde had started her show, to acquire the proportions to which she was already accustomed to seeing. He smiled, finally his recent friend, would try what he so longed for. For some strange reason, I was not jealous, just curious to be confronted for the first time with a trio. On the other hand, he was struck by how small the body of the blonde looked, compared to the massive and enormous physique of Leonid. His face was resting on his neck, and his rather thin body looked more like a teenager's, giving the scene an almost incest dye, except for Jane's huge butt that clearly jutted out over her body. Leonid.

Terese nodded, when he searched his gaze for approval, then leaned on his side, flexing his legs and leaning on one elbow to take a closer look at the action. He could see the little blonde who had her huge breasts crushed on Leonid's torso, while supporting her knees on either side of his hips, opening her thighs trying to ride him. Leonid, he had taken her buttocks and the blonde moved her hips sliding up and down the length of his erection, running through the folds of her vulva. Terese did not lose any details and saw how his fingers were embedded between the lips of Jane's vulva. That was something she had already experienced several times in the last few days she had spent with him; she loved to feel his hands squeezing her buttocks and his fingers making the effect of a glissando on the inside of her vaginal lips as if she were a musical instrument, to which he could tear out musical notes. And of course it ripped him off, but not musical sounds, but long moans, just as Jane was doing now, breathing agitatedly. That vision excited her greatly, especially when she continued to hear Jane's moans and the contractions of her legs.

On the other hand, that voyeurism that she experienced, intrigued her, realized the tremendous sexual attraction that can be had when seeing a couple caressing each other, especially with the intensity with which Leonid and Jane did it. She had at this moment begun a heat that ran through her belly focusing on her crotch. Unconsciously, he had opened his thighs to insert a hand so that his fingers played between the lips of her vulva. When she did, she began to walk them from bottom to top, until she brought the yolks to the button of her clitoris. Terese bit her lip, when she realized that the sounds she heard were now her own moans; I wanted to avoid this, that they would be interrupted when I became aware that she was there; as if he wanted to give them all the privacy they needed; to give them that loneliness that a couple requires in the instant in which their passion is unleashed, to elevate it to its maximum point, as was happening between Leonid and Jane.

He looked at them with eyes glazed with excitement, and the moment he saw the appearance of Leonid's erection, his eyes were stuck in that vision: see her huge, rigid, vertical, standing out for its rather dark color, in the middle of the buttocks Jane's pink, with her glans shining, dripping liquid, while the blonde rose and fell, as if kissing with the lips of her sex all the length of his member. Soon she saw how Jane's hips rose higher and her small hand appeared, that taking Leonid's member, began to guide her towards the opening of her vulva. Terese's fingers moved even faster at this show, watching as it slowly inserted itself until she saw it disappear in Jane's shell. His fingers now moved anxiously around her clitoris. Not in her best sexual fantasies, she thought to experience the excitement she felt at that moment, when she saw how the little blonde began to move back and forth. She was fascinated, of how Jane's small body, was able to generate the magic of making appear and disappear that enormous mass of flesh in which Leonid's beak had become, and of getting it to enter its small opening and everything in front of it. his eyes.He did not know at what moment he felt the vibration of his body begin to break free in an unexpected orgasm, which was further intensified, when listening to Jane shouting Leonid's name, to tell him that it was ending too, while moving frantically hips over his body. He did not know how long everything lasted, of the only thing he was aware of, is that his body was burning, he stuck to the couple and was lying beside them, exhausted. In her life Terese thought to masturbate with the intensity with which she had done it.

Two days later, precisely the day after Leonid had to leave the country to travel to London, in order to examine certain transactions that had informed him were in the process of being carried out there, and that they also came from supposedly foreign companies, but that they had to see one of those that appeared in the documents that had been photocopied, Jane and Terese met that afternoon to talk about the experiences lived in that opportunity. Terese told him about that particular feeling he had experienced when he masturbated while she was making love with Leonid. Both came to an agreement, that everything had been the product of a simultaneous mixture of many things: the novelty of being in a trio on the one hand, but mainly, because of the intensity of experiencing voyeurism, and everything for the first time. They remembered with pleasure every detail of what happened afterwards among the three, in that they surrendered without restriction to experience all kinds of positions, in those long hours of sex they had and that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. That afternoon, there was the unspoken promise between them, to be able to meet again to discuss this, but with the presence of Leonid when he returned from London. Both were very curious to know what their opinion was about it, and especially, to know what path this new relationship between the three would take.

The next morning, when they had to control themselves so as not to continue their orgy when the three of them woke up naked in Terese's huge bed, they agreed that in the afternoon they would meet at the BRC offices to examine the recording Terese had made the lawyer Manuel Vial. Also, that morning, Terese said that she would have a new meeting with the lawyer, who should sign the final annex documents for the closing of the financial transaction. The three kissed each other goodbye and when they got out they were waiting for two vehicles: one to take Terese to the World Trade Center in Manhattan and the other to take Jane and Leonid to their offices.

When she entered the huge offices of her securities agency, Terese saw that at reception, the lawyer Manuel Vial was waiting for her, but this time, he was accompanied by that stern guy, whom he had met before, Gerardo Cabrera.He greeted them and asked them to follow her to his office. Once they sat down in front of his desk, Manuel Vial took from his briefcase a set of papers that Terese had given him to complete."Excellent Mr. Vial, I must inform you that the Boston Bank informed me that you are only waiting for the approval of the legal department, to send us the titles, which, of course, will remain in guarantee while you proceed to make the transfer of funds to our company. . We agree?" Terese asked, while she held in her hand the documents that the lawyer had given her."Yes, of course, Ah, I wanted to convey to you a doubt that our financial expert, Mr. Gerardo Cabrera, is here, since he does not have a command of his language, and that is if all the documentation of this operation is in a security vault." The lawyer told him."It seems to me a very pertinent question, and tell Mr. Cabrera this way, and all the official documentation of our transactions is sent to our legal department, who is in charge of a security vault, which is in this same place. Everything is under the banking confidentiality, and not even the government authorities, can have access to that documentation "Said Terese, addressing the lawyer's companion.This proceeded to translate what Terese had said to the guy who accompanied him, who only limited himself to nod, a little more relaxed.

Of course, everything Terese had said was a vulgar lie. For security policies, all the documentation of the operations of the Securities Agency, were sent to a vault of security in a bank of the city. Because they could not risk having everything in one physical place, for eventual accidents of any kind that happened on the floor. And they were not wrong, because of the events that happened later.Both characters got up and left the securities agency. Later, while they were in the vehicle that would take them to the department of the business advisor of the embassy, ​​which served as the group's operations center, they commented that everything seemed relatively good, especially the fact that all the legal documentation would be far from the noses of authority. The happiest of all this, was the lawyer Manuel Vial, since he could breathe easy, especially having to the side the reason for his concern.

That afternoon, I was meeting at the offices of the BRC, the entire group led by Leonid. In the meeting room, the recording device that Terese had brought was installed, connected a system that would allow everyone present to listen.After the recording was finished, including that of the same morning, Leonid left the floor to those present to deliver their comments. Joe Camaran, one of the participants, said that it was obvious that the group that was trying to acquire the external debt was in a hurry for something. At that time, Karl Fisher, the other agent of the group, asked to speak:"I was investigating the role of the former dictator of that country, which is behind the acquisition, he is currently a senator, but he belongs to a minority group that is right, and I was able to know that a bill is currently being studied. , for the state to renegotiate debts with foreign banks, I do not know what that means, since I do not know its legal implications in what we are investigating. " He ended by saying Karl.Terese asked for the floor and said: "I think I know, if the debt is re-negotiated, the current debt securities would be withdrawn from the market by the banks that own them, which would mean that they would run out of business, at least for the former dictator of this country in question Karl, did you know what legislative procedure this bill is in? Something I was studying about that country, and there is not a very limited procedure of dates ""No. The truth is that I do not know, but I could investigate it, since it seems that now that you put it this way, it would be clear the reason for the lawyer's urge to close the transaction as soon as possible with your securities agency.""And of course, all the negotiation with your firm would go to hell if it is done after the law to renegotiate is approved, Karl, I need you to immediately find out what approval process that law is in that country." Leonid said."Jane, prepare a report with all the documentation gathered so far, including the recordings, since I must deliver it before five in the afternoon to the director, since I must travel to London."To London!" Almost without avoiding it, the two girls exclaimed that in unison."Yes, we discovered transactions of the same group that we investigated, which are being carried out in a London bank, which is why I must travel tomorrow in the first hour." He answered them, without reflecting any gesture at the surprise shown by the two girls. The other two agents only listened, but later, among them, they commented on the strange attitude of Jane and Terese.When the three of them stayed in the room. Jane said: "Well, Terese, let's see how we spend it" smiling at Terese with a roguish smile."I hope they do not find a substitute, before it arrives" Leonid told them, as he opened the door of the room, smiling at both of them as he did so.And when they were about to cross the door, Jane almost made Leonid jump, when she, grabbing his fly, said "This will be difficult to replace, Is not it true Terese?"To which Terese nodded, dead with laughter.

Terese, while she kept the papers that the lawyer had brought her that morning, in the solitude of her office, she remembered the envelope she had kept. He opened the drawer, and again his mind was flooded with the image of Leonid. He took the envelope and put it in his wallet. He decided to take him to his apartment to show him when he returned from London. At that moment, the farewell at the airport came to his mind, when, hugging him, like a limpet, he had looked into his eyes to say:"I would like you to leave something to me, to remember you while you are away" he said, while he ran with his hand the bulge of his fly. He had dared to do that, since both were behind a pillar, hidden from the look of intruders."I think we should leave them in a nursery, the little one and the baby" Leonid said, laughing out loud at Terese's game. "I'll be calling you every night and we'll have at least virtual sex, do you think?""Dumbass, if you call me at 10 o'clock at night so we can play, I'll have to hide in the bathroom in my office so we can do it. Remember you'll be ahead in 7 hours." Terese replied, without abandoning her prey."Then I'll call you around 12 at night, and you'll have to prevent Jane from taking you to her favorite bar, after 7 pm" Leonid replied."I'll do it, I'll be waiting anxiously for your call," she said, kissing him passionately. He released her from his embrace and walked towards the door that led to the access sleeve to the plane. Terese waited, until I saw him disappear. Only then did he leave the airport. That man was his whole life at that moment, he thought.

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