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To travel to Japan is to do it to a totally different culture to ours, is perhaps the most different in terms of traditions and philosophy. It is also known by everyone because of the reputation, especially during the last decades, in which it has positioned itself as a brand in its own right. A culture that the standard-bearers of freakism, of anime, of the different and quirky, but also a culture of good gastronomy, and lover of forms and appearance, the beautiful and the beautiful, of harmony, tranquility and silence, respect. As you can see, a different culture, very different from what we are used to by our Latin character.

To the question of how is a typical Japanese house? or, what is the same thing, how is a typical Japanese family ?, we can answer you with knowledge of the cause since we stayed with a Japanese family for a few days in Kurashiki on our last trip to Japan. It is evident that in Asian cultures, the family occupies a very important place in the lives of people, it is not different in the case of the Japanese family.

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