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We said goodbye to Gloria and we walked together to my room, I told her that there was only one bed and that if she would not feel very uncomfortable we could share it. To which I soon assured myself that there was no problem. I do not know how or when the conversation became sexual, but soon he was confessing his attraction to Mexicans and how he had met so many during his short vacation and had even slept with more than one.

She spoke so openly of her sexual conquests that for me she was like another world, she was completely involved in the conversation. I felt how my panties began to get wet every time he described me in detail as a male of Mexican blood had echoed it. I do not know if she noticed how I settled into the chair, trying to squeeze her legs tightly. I could not stand the urge! Very covertly I told him I had to go to the bathroom. Try to calm down since I did not want to masturbate with Cristina in the room, that for me has always been something very private and I do not like the spectators. Wash my face and take a deep breath before returning to the room.

Cristina looked at me with a mischievous smirk on her lips. I opened my little pussy with my fingers and very gently began to lick my clitoris. My tongue was spiraling, surrounding my little button that was already completely hard. Slowly he introduced his fingers into my swollen little pussy while still licking my clitoris. I was going crazy, I could not even open my eyes and suddenly his hand found my nipple and began to pinch it tenderly. That was more than my body could hold, I tried to push it because I already felt my orgasm close.

I writhed with pleasure, moaned like crazy while she delighted in my sweet juices. Without saying anything I grab the dildo and I penetrate with him, I felt like the width of that little toy opened way inside me. Let my orgasm take over my body and I felt my walls convulse and drain that thick and delicious liquid. Cristina did not let the opportunity pass and she settled in

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