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He also wanted to win the role of being my Domino-Owner-Owner, and also win the Fist and the Bdsm. He organized to impose his authority in the home and make my submission totally. It was not an exaggerated request, our friendship was good enough to accept the service he would do, but I want him to ask for it as a gift, not as an imposition, not as a submission. Non was a problem of sexual service, easy for me to give him, no problem, it was a problem of authority of origin, very problem.

I was not prejudiced and I was not against the change in the situation, but I was not interested in it being a compulsion. I was not willing to be forced to accept the change. Events like Fist and Bdsm as one of my gifts was perhaps acceptable, but not as an obligation, I was willing to make the sexual request, but not at the request of the authority, he can get all the sex he wants, but I was not happy to give my source authority. Welcomes all sexual requests. Only I wanted to ask myself as a gift, I'm ready, I agree

Lessons 5 and 6 and mom's submission. 5-Lesson - Fisting-Fist. Hand in the pussy. One of the last individual battles for my sexual conquest was the Fist, all his hand in my pussy. One day, while we are fucking fighting a battle for the new form of conquest of my vagina, the fist-fisting, the whole hand in my pussy. According to the habit of always when I want to take some sexual fun using my body asks me to put myself in the right position for the exercise that I have to give, I take the request and use my body second the habit. It was a habit, a ritual, every time he asked me to use my body, he demanded that he take me locked at his disposal in the proper position for the requested service he will receive for easy fun

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