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Between gasps, grunts and laughter we scrubbed for several minutes.

I threw myself on her and grabbed her arms, her body was entangled in mine and we began the most extraordinary fight we have ever seen. Between gasps, grunts and laughter we scrubbed for several minutes, my hands more and more daring touched almost his whole body, I smeared my pubis to his buttocks, his pubis, my happy penis wanted more. At a time when I managed to hold her face up, mounted on her, I held her hands, her arms outstretched, we looked into each other's eyes with all the desire that we have at that age, we moved rhythmically as if we were making love. My hand released his wrist and stroked his lips. My mouth approached his and I gave him a kiss, she responded by opening her mouth, our tongues finally touched, first frantically, then more slowly, embracing our breathing became more agitated, the rhythm of our pubic touch stabilized. I pulled my face away from hers to see her, we smiled, we kissed each other again, rubbing each other, I stroked her breasts with my hands, my tongue wiped the sweat from her cheeks, from her forehead, from her neck.

She with her legs apart, her knees bent, she held my body with her pubis. I felt his hand that went under my underpants, touched my penis gently, I took it and squeezed it gently, lowered his hand to my testicles caressing them, took one of them and arranged it in his nice hand. He squeezed hard.

-Now, what are you going to do? - I already have you well grabbed by the eggs Miguel the unbeatable.- You wanted to bite my bastard chiches. -Magdita, beautiful, do not be bad, so it is not worth .- I begged. "Do I look beautiful to you?" He asked as I tightened my testicle tighter. -The most beautiful woman in the world- I answered with a moan of pain. - Are you going to do everything that "Magdalena the devastating" say? - He said squeezing a little stronger with his hand.

-Yes, everything that "Magdalena the devastating" say .- -You promise? .- -Yes, Yes, I promise .- I replied in a voice of pain. -Come on, turn on your back.- He said it while he let go of my testicle and I went to bed on my back. She stood over me, sitting astride, her skirt had risen, her pubis rubbing my penis that had not diminished his erection despite the pain.

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