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Magda started a movement of her pubis back and forth, rubbing my penis that marked a large store in my pants. She took off her bra and I had before me the most wonderful view of her tits, upright looking up, challenging, her shape of spiky mountains, two Everest, a wonderful view, best postcard I had ever seen. -Was the pain gone? - He asked me.- Do you like my breasts? -

-Yes, but please do not squeeze my eggs again, and I do like your breasts a lot, they are beautiful - I answered with my mouth dripping saliva.- -Tócamelos.- I ordered.- You will do everything I say. - I obediently touched them, I squeezed them, pinched their pink and soft nipples, What a wonderful sensation that together with the rubbing of her pubis with mine had me very excited.

She kept rubbing on my penis, her hands pushed her hair back, I tightened her beautiful tits and pushed me up to increase the friction of my penis with her body. She moved her breasts from side to side and I corresponded to tighten them with more force, crossing them in all their extension. -Now kiss them and bite them as you threatened me bastard.-she demanded.

I stood up and obeyed, my lips touched his thin skin, I opened my lips and swallowed everything I could from his chest, my frantic and desperate tongue wanted more and more, change your tit, my hand on the other. I moved my penis so that it felt more the caresses of its pubis but the instinct made that my hand rubbed its panties in which I felt the form of its vaginal lips. The beautiful, admired and desired -Y-. It was like a trigger, Susana tried to pull my underpants off, take off her panties at the same time. Of course, I helped her by putting her back on the bed and pulling her panties down to take them off, I took off my underpants and I threw myself on her, she with her legs open let me stand between them, what a delight to rub against her, I felt her beautiful pubic as feathers They caressed me, my mouth on his chest drained saliva, my hands ran through his body desperately without knowing where to stop, she stroked my back, my neck and moved her body deliciously, we stayed like that for several minutes until her hand and putting it between our bodies I grip my penis with strength and softness. The bird must be taken like that; neither so strong that it chokes him, nor so soft that it escapes.

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