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When he was placed in the position I wanted, I lifted his shirt as much as I could and contemplated what he had created. My son, bare-chested and the tip of his penis protruding from the edge of his underpants, looked at me, waiting for what I could do. I could feel proud of having such a child and, without any delay, I jumped on him. I sucked her two nipples, licked her sternum and put my tongue inside her navel. The latter caused his belly to contract and a snort to be heard. That was great, I was making my son enjoy a way I never thought I could achieve. My spine would not let me keep going down because of the position I was in so I moved aside. I ran my tongue along the row of hairs that had previously marked the path to follow to reach my son's penis. This time, on the other hand, I did not have to cross any piece of cloth and my tongue found the tip of my son's penis. A little moan escaped him, thank goodness there was no one nearby who could hear him. I licked everything that was within my reach, salivating her frenulum well and picking up with my tongue the saliva that was left over. What flavor! When that seemed too little, I stopped licking and put my index fingers under the gum of the garment that covered her waist. I pulled down and his penis was free. I wanted to take them off completely so I kept pulling until they came off his feet. I looked at him again and, in addition to marveling at his beauty, I realized by his expression that I was wishing he would continue with my task.

I spread his legs enough so that my forearm settled in the hole left by them and my hand reached his testicles without problems. I stroked them tenderly again, brushing them with my fingers. I put my mouth to the base of his penis and, with the tip of my tongue, licked it very slowly until it reached its other end. What a treat! Never before had I had between my lips a member of a man who knew so well. I can not say what I knew, it was simply indescribable. Enchanted by what I was trying and determined to give my son more pleasure, I grabbed his penis with my free hand and covered his glans with my lips, gently wrapping them around them. Sergio sighed and I, without taking it out, put my tongue on him. I licked it up and down, from one side to the other and in all the ways that occurred to me. I noticed how my son inhaled a little more air than normal and I took advantage of it to let some more of him into my mouth.

Little by little, my lips went down his penis until I got my nose to rest on his groin. It took me a while to get him toso much but, with a little self-control, I got it. When I had become accustomed to having my son's penis in my throat, I pulled it out the same way I had put it, slowly and letting my lips slide over it until I touched the urinary meatus with them. Again, just as slowly, I opened my mouth again and let himit until my nose rested on his groin. I smelled my son's crotch and got drunk with his scent before raising his head again.

I repeated that many times, faster and faster. My son sighed and I enjoyed knowing that he was having a good time. I was willing to continue with that until he came but, when the sighs began to seem moans, he sat up with all the delicacy of the world and prevented me from continuing. I got up to look at him without knowing why he had done that and what he told me filled me with affection. -You also have to have a good time. Lie down.

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