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I went back to him. I noticed how he supported his hands on my thighs and separated my legs a little. I imagined he was going to penetrate me but I got a surprise. Instead of feeling his member pushing through my vagina, I felt the touch of his fingers on the lips of my vulva. I felt that slowly separated them and I felt the humidity of a tongue that was getting in there. What a pleasure! Very slowly I licked everything down there. His tongue went from one side to another, licking all the folds and corners that appeared in its path. When he had finished exploring the entire territory, he focused on licking my clitoris. What a pleasure! I loved to feel his tongue moving at that point, but I still liked it more when, without leaving it still, he joined the task to his own lips that opened and closed on me. What a treat! I was in paradise and I wanted it to last forever.

Sergio was doing something that my ex-husband rarely dared to do and was causing waves of pleasure to invade my entire body. Without waiting for me, I noticed how my dear son put his tongue inside the hole of the vagina and stroked his tongue with his tongue. What a pleasure! Feeling the softness of a tongue sliding in there while one of her lips caressed my vulva was a sensational experience. If I kept doing that for a long time, it would not be long before I reached the best orgasm of my entire life. But, in the same way he had done with me before, when my sighs began to look more like moans, I sat on the bed and prevented him from continuing with that. As I had done, he lifted his head and I could see how his mouth shone with the moisture of saliva and my fluids. -M├ętemela.- I asked him lying down again on the bed.

The idea seemed to please him because he drew a new smile on his lips. He gave one last lick to my crotch and prepared to listen to me. With his legs stretched out, he leaned on my chest. His face was level with mine and his forearms, on which he leaned against to crush me, had put them in the hole left by mine. While he was standing, his penis, completely stiff, rubbed with my pubis and my vulva increasing my desire to have him inside. When he had positioned himself, he grabbed his penis and pointed it at the hole through which he had left twenty-two years ago. The contact was electrifying. Little by little, he stuck it in until our bodies were completely united. I felt full as never before and I could not suppress the temptation to kiss her on the lips. A kiss that he corresponded me by sticking his tongue almost to the bell.

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