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It all started with my wife's plans to celebrate our tenth anniversary, she wanted us to do something different to the same celebration every year after all it was a special date. She had six months to plan an unforgettable party, but what I had in mind to celebrate was totally different, the problem was to make her agree on what I wanted. We are really a normal couple like any other, I think. She is a little submissive about sex, but I keep myself always thinking about making love at every moment. Lucia and I met in the USA and being Latino in this country is not easy, you almost always feel like you are apart from the rest of the world. As for sex if it were only once a week is enough, after 10 o'clock at night when everyone is sleeping and the faster the better, instead I would do it with her three times a day if she left me, a morning and one at night without fail, but many times I have had recourse to Manuela. Very often she agrees to put one of the sex movies I have, that apart from that I have a good collection, I've always put sex between a man and a woman because if I put something else to the best it does not let me put more movies. One day I bought a movie that had different themes, one of normal sex, one of lesbians, another of triĆ³ man and 2 women and 2 women and a man, after seeing her several times and masturbating watching them I began to imagine Lucia being the protagonist in different scenes, but I thought that it would be very far from reality just to insinuate something like that.

She said yes, we started watching the movie and the same thing always the guy penetrated missionary at good speed until he came, nothing great that does not have in the collection, the next scene was a Latina with a gringa, the Latina had not immense breasts but if they were of a good size like Lucia's, it was even more like her, which I told her chatting that she even looked like her. He told me a little serious that it would be the last thing he would do, in short the blonde began to stroke the latina and slowly kissed her from the nape of the neck to stop at the nipple that was round and dark. I started to slowly caress Lucia's breasts and I saw that she was getting a little hotter than usual, I kept rubbing her breasts and I slid my hand until I reached the vagina that had her wet, the smaller drops were coming out of her. how wet it was. In the movie the gringuita went down to the Latina and she began to lick the clitoris from top to bottom and put the tongue deep, I tried to do the same thing that happened in the movie, if the blonde lambed the clitoris I would tell Lucia if I put her finger like I did, she was more excited than ever, the gringuita began to rub the eye of the ass to the latina and take the opportunity to do the same, Lucia's reaction was to open more legs and separate the buttocks as if giving me permission to put her little finger, she was so wet from the fluids that came out of the vagina that wet all the ass and I enter the finger without any problem, in less than 3 seconds just said :. "YYYYYYYAAAAAAA I came, she was tired, she closed her eyes and lay down to recover, after I took her breath she turned to my side, she took the penis, which had throbbing and started to masturbate, I understood that she did not want that penetrated, des After I came I fell asleep, I kept thinking that something strange had happened because she was not so excited watching a sex movie and just remembering how excited she was that my penis would recover again, better change of thoughts and I fell asleep. I woke up thinking about what had happened the previous night but I did not want to say anything, it was a Saturday and the only son we had had decided to go to sleep where the grandparents as it was very frequent, all day I felt like Lucia wanted tell me something but did not dare, finally at night after taking a few drinks in the house and listen to a little music but she never said anything, I did not want to push her as she told me what was happening and we went to bed, I I was waiting for him to fall asleep so he could give me a good blow without thinking about Lucia with another woman in a very rich 69, but nothing that fell asleep and usually fell asleep quickly, "Something is wrong, love," I said and she answered me that nothing that was just waiting for me to put the film to finish it or if I was not going to see it, I think I stopped immediately, did not have to repeat anything, I got up and put the film and we continue in the lesbian scene. I know it takes a little time for Lucia to get into the movie and be excited, but I had no desire, anyway I was already naked under the covers and rubbing the penis that had him with an erection that It hurt, but you had to save that powder for later.

The next scene was of two men with a woman and between them they took turns caressing her while she rubbed their penises over their shorts, then she knelt in front of them and began to kiss and caress her limbs and grabbed nordisquitos the head of each of the penises which were leaving their cage, after a while I put my hand under the blanket and wanted to put it on the vagina to surprise her because I saw her very concentrated in the film but she I had her hand there, rubbing over the pantyhose, which made me so hot because she had never masturbated when I was present, I felt that she took my hand away as soon as she felt mine, she had that vagina just as wet as the Last night, I put my hand on her and I squeezed her panties that were very wet while I was still masturbating, I was not able to concentrate on the movie to see the reactions of Lucia They were excited. In the film I see that one of them was ready to penetrate the girl while she was sucking the other, I do not know how much time passed but they were already in action, one lay down in bed with his penis in the wind like a flag, Like a post, she (of the movie) got on her knees on him and slowly he approached the cuckoo at the head of the penis, he grabbed it with one hand and held it to rub the clitoris before penetrating it, and slowly see how the head of the penis is making its way between each lip and disappears in the vagina, and begin to pick up rhythm, Lucia just begins to tighten the legs as if she had felt that cock in her cuckoo, was breathing more strongly as imagining that she was there, then the other begins to rub the penis in the ass trying to fuck her at the same time, she kind of hurt a little but I do not let her take it out and slowly between the two took rhythm and that girl just quer more and more, I had my penis slowly voting semen and could not take it anymore, I wanted to feel Lucia's pussy with my penis, and I turned it, Lucia was so excited that she did not say anything she put on four and easily penetrated by the lubricated I was more up to the ass I had it, take advantage and I put a finger gently in the ass and she could not resist so much excitement and was immediately screaming YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAA QUE RICO, she turned to kiss me and told me not to take it bad but that was the richest time that had come after yesterday's. The days passed and between her work and the increase in my work we did not talk much about it, until she confessed that these images had been left in her head but that I never imagined that she would be anything like it . I left it that way, I did not want her to feel any pressure. Lucia was very involved in her plans for the party while I started to get on the internet to investigate about a place in Jamaica where singles and couples are swingers, the place although it does not look very classy was the perfect place to be able to take out my fantasies, I wanted to see how another ate Lucia or see her as to love with another old woman or whatever, but that was different from the same routine. I decided and one day he started telling me about the invitations and the food he wanted for that day and what he wanted to do in a party room and that the DJ was zutanito and in the end of all his plans I was surprised and told him. .. Love those plans are great but mine will love ... What ...? as well you have other plans for the party, I wonder. Not only that I already got the place to go on holiday after the party, it is in Jamaica and it is an erotic place for couples. She did not stop many balls on what I said just said that what I wanted was fine after all I had agreed with everything about the party.

The first part had gone perfectly had my plan in motion, that same night I booked the hotel transfer of the airport and flights, I wanted my part to go much better than the party of it. I started to investigate much more about the site and saw that there are certain sites on the internet like this that are forums of people who are going to travel to this site that I will call Crazy to not advertise. I found a site that has folders divided by months, so if you travel in January is a group, in February another and so, I had made reservations for April then I went to that folder and saw the list of people who were there for that month, as a result of that I sent a private message to someone who was going to be for the same date and told me that if I was interested in joining a group that met every year for the same time and the idea rang, they were all couples like us with the difference that they were all GRINGOS, but in order to fulfill the fantasies I signed up. One night I was in bed and Lucia asked me why I was chatting so much lately that if it was that I had gotten a girlfriend or that, I told her about one that I had enrolled in a group of couples that went to Crazy every year and maybe They gave us advice so that we had a good time. She did not sound bad, but she was not very interested either, so I followed the communication with the group alone. A day like 2 months before the trip within the group opened a folder that said only photo and date so that we knew each other a little before arriving there, I sent a picture of ours and date and so did the whole group, all the couples They were about the same age, there were only 2 single women from Alabama and the rest from Florida, New York, California, everywhere. Lucia anyway did not bother him but did not get to chat with people because as I said before one feels like a stranger among these gringos but she began to know the couple by name and even told me to ask things like clothes carry on without much suspicion. Two weeks before the trip I see in the group a new folder that said "countdown" and the photo go to the couple moderator of the group were naked she with a painted one between the tits, that although full of silicone they looked very good and the gevon had a four in the chest but it showed more the penis, it seemed that they had been pichando before the photo and still had an erection, I showed it to Lucia and just opened his eyes and asked what is that ... Just a countdown they are Bill & Diane from California ..... I know who they are and naked because. Because for the place where we are going, you can be away, if you want and if not. He did not like the explanation very much, but he did not like it either.

That night when we were making love while he was penetrating, I asked her if she liked the picture of Bill and said that if it was not bad but that she had it as a big gift for her, just close your eyes and imagine that she is getting it. What I said I liked and started to move like crazy and told me I want you to penetrate me from behind I want to feel you penetrate my ass, do not delay me in case I change my mind, Lucia has a delicious tight ass and I see that she likes more anal than vaginal, I kept giving him the ass until we came to the time and I told him that Bill like that good picha ..... He just laughed. They continued putting photos in the Countdown folder basically of couples with the photo to get to know each other a little before the trip. Each one put the days that were going to be, and the photo of the travelers, try to convince Lucia that we took a nude photo but I could not persuade her to do it. But it was not that I did not call attention because every night I asked to enter the chat to see who had put a picture and she wanted to go see couples to see who with the group we were going to integrate more. When we had to put the photo it was just Lucia and Pedro from 7 to 14. A week before the trip a boy from Virginia took a photo of the penis only and next to the photo of the lady but like the photo of a cedula, Jhon and Tracy, Jhon de Penis was well endowed and Tracy looked pretty, she was in her 30s a little bit chubby but with a pretty face on her face, and that night when Lucia asked me to see the photo of that night I look like a lot of the picture and He started asking me questions about Jhon, for what date I was going to be there. We were really the first to arrive from the group, the next day Jhon and Tracy arrived and two days before we returned, most of the group arrived. Lucia told me "apparently with them are the ones we're going to be with the most". In Crazy every night they have a different theme for the night in the nightclub that makes people make plans for how to dress, the main night is called toga night, which is the sexiest best and they are white, there is another indoor night, the night back to school there is another of the 70s and I told Lucia that I had to at least participate in one or two to integrate with the group and apart from that because I did not buy sexy bath dresses, and agreed that I was going to be in the toga and no more, at last something is something. I bought several bathing suits and I was surprised with a floss that I enlisted in case she suddenly felt really crazy one day and put it on, ready the toga with some sexy blouses and miniskirts and I enlisted my own. The party to Lucia came out as I wanted a spectacular meal, dance, and drink, it is good to see how these Americans try to dance cumbia but there is always one or two who do not fall behind and do well, that night I gave them the grace All the effort I had put in because everything had stayed the way she wanted, now it's my turn to leave you with an unforgettable vacation so that we are tied.

At last the day arrives, we get up early for the airport, we had to change planes in Miami and from there to Jamaica to the much talked about Crazy that by the way they call it in Zoo or Zoo, the site is in Negril that is in the East of the island and the nearest airport is Montego Bay, from there to the zoo it is a little over an hour and you have to drive along the coast, or rather, welcome to Colombia with the difference of language. We went to a Buseta which takes more people but only tourists to that side of the island in which there are many resorts but the Zoo is the only one that is completely nudist the others are family and other topless. As soon as we got ready we were like 6 couples in the bus and the driver started asking the name of the hotels where we were going, when we had our turn and we said Crazy, everybody looked around and at the moment it looked like they made comments about of us, but at the end of the day we did not know anyone, we did not care. Halfway the driver stopped at a small store and said those who want beer or soda here we will be 5 minutes. Lucia wanted a drink instead of beer, it was a Red Stripe that is the national beer, and when I was going to ride the bus the driver asked me if I did not need something else, mariguanita, parrot that whatever it was he had in the Everything bus was there when I said as in the house, before arriving at the hotel a couple approached us and said: I can not stand the curiosity I've always heard about that place but my husband has never dared to go for the one They will say, but if they can, they will tell me what it is like and leave us the email so that we can summarize it. The hotel itself is nothing special, it's more of a little old man but I did not really choose it for luxury but for its stories. They explained to us that it is divided into two parts, the nudist part and the dress side, and that we respect that we tried to be dressed on the dress side and naked on the naked side and that for restaurants we always had to be with the parties private covered and that the number one rule "NO IS NOT" that if suddenly we were in a situation that something we do not like, that someone wants to pass a NO is enough. In order to receive the room that I liked the ceiling is mirrors and we touched room overlooking the sea, at least Lucia was happy but tired after so much travel was almost 5 and we had twelve hours since we left the house , he said: let's have a drink at the bar and I want to rest a little, ready for those that are, quiet that we have time to know. It was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon we put on bathing suits and to see what they were talking about this place, we stopped at the bar and took a strong drink to give us courage and for Lucia to let her guard down a little. a little tense. We went through the pool and there was a single normal couple with the top part on and we thought it was weird that we did not see almost anyone out there, we decided to go to the beach and the same, maybe 3 couples and nothing else, but when we look for the nudist side that's where the party was, full but when I say full it's full. We sat on the beach beds which I had to choose so there were no people and Lucia told me "Do not think that we are going to go to the other side, this is where we are going to spend the whole week.

Quiet Love that just to be with you is what I want, I said, but thinking inside me that two more drinks and maybe convinced her and said "besides who is going to ask for drinks if we are there because the rule says that if you are in the nudist side men have to remove everything but women can be with the bottom if you want "....." do not worry that nobody here knows me and if I empeloto will be that they will say something .. They look more at the one who is dressed than the nude.With the fatigue of the trip and although he had rested in the hotel it was not enough to recharge, Lucia was still tired, we went to the restaurant and interesting to see so many women There are all kinds of colors and flavors, I think why I have not tried it yet, there are tables of different sizes in the restaurant, and Lucia chose one of 2 places, because she was shy she was not ready for more people to sit on the table. table to start conversation n, a couple of glasses of wine, food nothing spectacular, typical gringo buffet, with a couple of fried ripe it was as typical of Jamaica and chicken are local spices they call "jerk". Similar to a spicy kokorico, with full belly and the wines on top we decided to go to the room, we will see tomorrow that it will bring us, we did not even want to give more desire, better let it rest.

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